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Free Shipping on Tree & Shrub Orders Over $50


  • Bugs on trees

    10 Beneficial Garden Insects

    Why Should you Welcome Beneficial Insects in Your Yard? No matter how creepy or stressful they may look, not all insects are hazardous. In fact, some of them can prove beneficial for your yard. Below are some beneficial garden insects...

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  • fall tree

    10 Reasons that Makes Bees Important

    Except for the buzzing sound they won't stop making, bees are actually awesome. Don't believe it? Here are ten reasons that demonstrate how bees can be useful to the environment, ecological system, and nature. While some of these reasons are...

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  • fruit bearing tree

    Are Wasps Beneficial for Gardeners?

    Wasps are only pests, why do they even exist? That's an expected and common thought after one has been stung by the fierce creature. Discovering a wasp nest around an inconvenient nook or battling them for apple pies and sugary...

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  • fringetree

    How to Grow a Fringetree

    Thinking of flowering trees in a spring landscape, we are struck with the thoughts of some common gardeners' favorites, including Serviceberries, Redbuds, Dogwoods, Plums, and Cherry trees. However, while putting this list together, a less commonly known yet a lovely...

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  • wasps garden

    How To Keep Wasps Away from Your Garden

    Summers are full of outdoors, be those barbeques, short evening tea times, cocktail parties, or lazy afternoons when you just want to soak in some Vitamin C. However, all of these and many other fun summer plans are often destroyed...

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  • drawf foth

    Pruning Trees and Shrubs during Winters

    The best time to prune the shrubs and trees in your garden is early spring or late winter. However, not all of the trees and shrubs should be pruned. Here are some tips to prune your trees during the optimal...

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  • patio garden

    How to Plant Your Perfect Patio Garden

    Planning your patio causes you to think of several ways how you can utilize your outdoor space, which paving to install, choosing the furniture that suits your space, the budget you fix to set up your garden, and much more....

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