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Free Shipping Directly to Your Doorstep!

Rose of Sharon Minerva

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Minerva is a homerun in your landscape. It's easy to grow and offers so much in return as it vigorously produces large showy blooms late season, when most other shrubs are declining.


Minerva Rose of Sharon is a multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub that features pinkish-lavender blooms wrapping around colorful red centers contrasting with dark-green foliage. Blooming profusely from summer into autumn, while not producing many seeds, so they aren’t messy bloomers.
The U.S. National Arboretum introduced the Minerva Rose of Sharon Althea Shrub in 1986 as a cultivar that was more floriferous, amazingly heat tolerant, and more vigorous than previous varieties. You don't even have to prune it to keep it flowering profusely.

Minerva is perfect for novice gardeners as they only need a bit of sun and water to thrive. Also, they are deer resistant and drought tolerant.