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Free Shipping on Tree & Shrub Orders Over $50

Fruit Trees

How to Buy Fruit Trees Online When it comes to your yard’s landscaping, having the right trees will make all the difference. Trees not only look gorgeous, but they’ll provide plenty of shade that you can enjoy on a hot summer’s day. Plus, if you opt to grow some fruit trees, you’ll have plenty of fresh fruit to stock the kitchen when they’re in season. If you’re currently on the hunt for the perfect trees to plant in your yard, you’re in the right place. If you want to buy fruit trees online, it’s a pretty easy process and it ensures you get exactly what you want.

What to Consider Before You Buy Fruit Trees Online

With so many varieties of fruit trees available, it can feel a little overwhelming trying to choose the ones that are right for you and your yard. You’ll obviously want to make sure you choose trees that you’re going to love for years to come, and that you’ll also be capable of maintaining. At I’m Growing Home, we have a number of flavorful fruit trees for you to choose from. To help you make the best decision, here’s some advice to keep in mind:
  • Consider How Much Space You Have: You don’t need to have acres upon acres of property to be able to grow your own fruit trees, but you will need to give them some breathing room so they aren’t too crowded. Take a look at your yard to see how much space is available and what size fruit trees would be suitable for you. For some, a large tree is ideal, while others can opt for dwarf varieties.
  • Make Sure They’ll Have Plenty of Sun: Lots of bright sunlight is needed in order for many fruit trees to thrive. Wherever you’re hoping to plant your trees, it needs to be a space where they’ll receive a lot of sunlight throughout the day. If your yard is on the shadier side, you’ll want to grow fruits that don’t require quite as much sun.
  • Factor in the Climate Where You Live: If you live somewhere that gets cold and snowy winter weather, you’ll need to consider that in order to buy fruit trees online. The last thing you want is for your beautiful trees to die off in the winter months. Some trees (like certain varieties of apples) can withstand winter’s temperatures. Alternatively, you can choose to grow dwarf trees instead and grow them in pots inside your home.
  • And Finally, Pick Something You’ll Love: You’ll get way more enjoyment out of tending to your fruit trees and watching them grow if you’re excited for the delicious fruits that the trees will soon bear. Think about what you’d like to eat and how you’d like to use the fruit from your trees.
Space, sunlight, climate, and your taste buds are all important things to factor into your decision when you buy fruit trees online.

How to Get Started With Your New Fruit Trees

Now that you know how to choose the right fruit trees for you, let’s talk about what you need to know as the proud owner of a new fruit tree. After all, they’re going to require some tending in order to thrive!

1. Plant Trees According to the Season

To buy fruit trees online, you’ll want to consider the time of year you’re making your purchase. Fruit trees are best planted in the spring or fall, so be sure to plan accordingly. When planting, you’ll want to make sure your tree is somewhere it’ll receive full sun, and in a space where it won’t be crowded. Once you’ve picked a location, follow the planting instructions for your tree and get it settled into its new home.

2. Prune Your Fruit Trees in Early Spring

Once your fruit tree is in the ground, your job isn’t done! In the early weeks of spring, you’ll have to prune the tree by removing any dead, damaged, or diseased branches that could inhibit growth. It’s also smart to thin out your trees by removing branches that cross paths with other branches or are growing downwards. This will reduce any future problems with your tree.

3. Feed Them With Fertilizer

Another task you’ll take on as the owner of a fruit tree is providing it with fertilizer. The right time to feed your tree is just before the buds begin to break, which is at the start of their annual growth cycle. If you miss this timeframe, you can fertilize the tree until June. Just make sure you use a fertilizer that’s designed for fruit trees, and don’t wait until late summer or fall to add the fertilizer.

Fruit Trees From I’m Growing Home

Fruit trees will make a wonderful addition to any yard. Here at I’m Growing Home, we have a wonderful selection to choose from, including trees like the black walnut, Cortland apple, and American plum. Just remember that it can take some time before your new tree begins bearing fruit. (Some can take up to five years!) So, patience and a little loving care is important as the proud owner of a new fruit tree. Keyword: buy fruit trees online