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Cortland Apple

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Spend a wonderful afternoon under this attractive tree while enjoying the sweet taste of its fruit!


Cortland Apple is a well-loved apple tree by gardeners because of its stunning pink and pure white flowers. It is a crossbreed between McIntosh and Be Davis apples. Aside from eating it raw, its delicious fruits can be used to make juices, baked goods, butter, cider and dried apples. To achieve optimum crop results, it is best to plant Cortland Apples during Spring. Make sure to plant more than one tree to achieve successful cross-pollination. It can help increase the number of fruit produced by the tree. Its maximum height can reach up to 20 feet tall and spreads up to 15 feet wide. It is best grown in rich and well-drained soil. It will only take 2-3 years for Cortland to bear fruits. It loves full sun and needs a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day. Make sure to regularly water the tree during its formative years.

  • Produces Delicious Apples
  • Loves Full Sun
  • Crossbreed Between McIntosh and Be Davis Apples

Growing Zones: 3,4,5,6,7,8

Plant Care

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Full Sun
Rich, Well-Drained
Water Regularly During First Year
Mature Height:
Mature Width:
Growth Rate:
1-2 ft./year
Botanical Name:
Malus Domestica 'Cortland'
Full Sun, 6-8 Hours Per Day