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Free Shipping Directly to Your Doorstep!

Apache Thornless Blackberry

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Enjoy a mouthwatering, sweet blackberries and a lovely landscape at the same time!


Apache Thornless Blackberry makes one the biggest and highest-producing fruit among all the thornless blackberry cultivated variety. Its mouthwatering, sweet black fruit can be eaten fresh or used to make jams, jellies and pies. It can yield fruits in just 2 years and can be harvested around June. Apache Blackberries has a maximum height of 8 feet, with a width of 6 feet wide. To ensure the production of best blackberries, make sure to use well-drained soil and water it appropriately. It also grows best under full sun. This magnificent tree is low maintenance and doesn't require a fence as a support once it can already stand on its own. This tree is also resistant to different variety of soils and can grow very quickly. It has tolerance to drought but to maximize its fruit production, make sure to pour an inch of water weekly. You need to soak its soil with a water hose for 30 seconds.