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Free Shipping on Tree & Shrub Orders Over $50

Red Maple | Shade Tree

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A great selection for any landscape, the hardy Red Maple offers beauty and shade as a specimen or street tree. It works beautifully for families and yards across the country.


Red Maple is an easy choice as a shade tree in your lawn, or along the street or driveway. Whether you live in cold winter zones or a sub-tropical climate, Red Maple will be a reliable shade tree for you. And, they grow quickly, so you won’t have to wait long. Red Maples grow a beautifully even branch structure and provide beautiful Fall color. With colors ranging from bright scarlet red to orange and warm yellow.
Red Maple is relatively low maintenance and has been providing shade and a breathtaking presence in landscape across America for generations.

  • Wonderful Shade Tree
  • Beautiful Fall Color
  • Easy to Grow

Growing Zones: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Plant Care

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Full Sun/Partial Sun
Moist, Well Drained, Acidic Soil
Moderate Watering
Mature Height:
40 - 60'
Mature Width:
40 - 60'
Growth Rate:
Up to 2 ft./year
Botanical Name:
Acer Rubrum
Full Sun