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Free Shipping Directly to Your Doorstep!

Kentucky Coffeetree | Flowering Tree

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Enjoy a sip of your coffee under this perfect shade tree!


Kentucky Coffeetree is a stunning, fast-growing tree with seeds that can be roasted and used instead of coffeebeans to make a coffee. It also has a sturdy and reliable wood that can be used to make cabinets and other things. This good-looking tree is perfect for golf courses, parks, and other big landscapes. It has beautiful greenish white blossoms with a rose-like aroma, while its green foliage turns into gold during Fall. It also has a high tolerance when it comes to drought and pollution. It is easy to grow and is low maintenance. It has a magnificent canopy that is perfect as a shade and is a great addition to any landscape. It can grow up to 75 feet high and spreads until 50 feet wide. It grows best in moist and well-drained soils and can handle wet soil. It grows well in any temperature and is resistant to diseases. Just make sure to water it heavily every 7 to 10 days.