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Free Shipping Directly to Your Doorstep!

American Plum

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Fill your landscape with the pleasing aroma of the stunning, large white flowers from this amazing plum tree!


American Plum is a beautiful shrub or small tree that blooms stunning, large, white flowers in clusters with a pleasing aroma during Spring. It also yields sparkly, brilliant red fruit in August to September, while its awesome fall foliage changes from red to light yellow. Its fruit can be eaten raw or used in making preserves and jellies. It is also a common food among birds. Aside from its beauty and fruit, one awesome feature of American plum is its ability to control erosion. The average height and width of an American plum is 8 to 10 feet. It can easily grow and is low maintenance. It has resistance to drought and can be planted even in sand or clay soils. It also loves full sun. For best results, make sure that it can get a minimum of six hours of sunlight per day. Don't forget to water your tree during dry weather.