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Free Shipping on Tree & Shrub Orders Over $50

Green Giant Arborviate

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The Green Giant is a great tree to block out noise, neighbors and unsightly views while taking up little space.


The Green Giant Arborvitae is a fast-growing evergreen hybrid cultivar with a vibrant green color that is present year-round. This unique tree is a cross hybrid between the Western Redcedar and Japanese arborvitae. It is well known for its lush aesthetic and use as a beautiful green hedge or privacy screen. It has large, soft needles, is easy to grow, and generally free of insects and disease. Mature trees can reach up to 40-60 feet tall, growing in a dense, narrow pyramid shape.

  • Fast Growing 
  • Low Maintenance
  • Makes for a great privacy hedge

Growing Zones: 4,5,6,7,8

Plant Care

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Full Sun to Partial Shade
Widely Adaptable
Mature Height:
Mature Width:
Growth Rate:
3-5 ft./year
Botanical Name:
Thuja standishii x plicata 'Green Giant'
Full Sun, Partial Shade