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Plant privacy

Fast Growing Trees for Privacy in Your Yard

Many people want to hang out in their backyard in private and not have a nosey neighbor or passerby glancing in. Privacy trees are a good solution that can anchor your landscape and double as a hideaway. And with fast growing trees, you get your heavenly garden ready in no time.

Excited to jump right in and begin planting? Here are some trees and shrubs to secure your yard in the shortest possible time.

Which trees and plants offer the best privacy?

plant privacy

To this question, the most common answer is Evergreens. However, that is certainly not the only option.

A wide variety of plants will make good options. Choosing a combination of these plants is the best. That way, if either of your plants suffers a disease or gets attacked by pests, it won't eat up your whole privacy screen.

Another important thing! Fast growing trees can help you build privacy quickly, but they are not fault-proof. As these trees grow quicker than normal, they could have a weaker structure subjected to cracks, breakage, diseases, and pests. These trees also require regular pruning for a controlled shape and better health.

Among fast growing trees, you can still save yourself of most of these problems by choosing the trees that go well with your area and hardiness zones. Scroll through the list below to find yourself the right fast-growing tree.

Fast growing shrubs for privacy

privacy shrubs
  1. North Privet: A North Provet is a conventional pyramid-shaped shrub that grows up to 3 feet high each year. It yields dark glossy leaves and grows optimally within Zones 4-8.
  2. Forsythia: The lovely Forsythia is an early-blooming shrub that grows up to a height of 2 feet per year and will have pretty yellow bright flowers. It best grows in Zones 5 to 8.
  3. Glossy Abelia: The Glossy Abelia is not only a privacy shrub but a stellar fence shrub with fancy white flowers during the spring and purple leaves during the fall. It grows up to a height of two feet per year and grows the best in Zones 6 to 9.
  4. Nellie R. Stevens Holly: The Nellie is an evergreen shrub that grows up to three feet each year and is relatively heightened. It has vibrant green leaves that grow best within the Zones 6 to 9.
  5. Wax Myrtle: A-Wax Myrtle adds up in height by about one foot daily. It is olive-green in color and matures to a height of 20 feet. Best grows in Zones 7 to 11.

Which is the fastest growing shrub?

growing shrubs

That would be the first shrub we listed above, the North Privet. This speedy shrub can grow up to three feet per year!

Fast growing trees for privacy

privacy trees
  1. Eastern White Pine: The Eastern White Pine is an evergreen tree that has unique greenish-blue needles. This tall tree grows up to a height of three feet each year and grows the best in Zones 3 to 7.

  2. Hybrid Poplar: The Hybrid poplar is a shady tree with pretty silvery-green leaves. This tree grows by a stunning height of 8 feet each year and grows the best in Zones 3 to 9.
  3. Silver Maple: The Silver Maple tree is a large shady tree with fine wood and shimmery silver leaves. It grows by a height of 2 feet each year and grows best through Zones 3 to 9.
  4. Green Giant Arborvitae: This tree is an evergreen tree that's pyramid-shaped and has beautiful green needles. It grows up to three feet each year and is best suited to Zones 5 to 7.
  5. Dawn Redwood: A Dawn Redwood is the lowest maintenance fast-growing tree that is good for all types of landscapes. It grows up to two feet each year and is best grown in Zones 5 to 8.
  6. Leyland Cypress: A Leyland Cypress is an evergreen tree with a whopping growth of four feet each year. Best suited to Zones 6 to 10.
  7. Areca Palm: An Areca Palm is a tropical Palm tree that grows by two feet each year and attains a total height of around 35 feet. Grows best in Zones 10 to 11.

What is the fastest growing tree?

silver maple tree

Among trees, the Hybrid Poplar outstands as the fastest growing tree. It can grow for more than five feet each year. The Leyland Cypress, Silver Maple, and Green giant Arborvitae come next as they grow no less than two feet each year.

Which evergreen tree grows the fastest?

Green Giant Arborvitae

As a rule of thumb, evergreens are fast growing trees and typically extremely hardy.

Two of the fastest growing evergreens are Eastern White Pine and Green Giant Arborvitae as both these trees attain new height of about 2 feet each year.

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