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Choosing the Right Maple Tree for Your Yard

It was the Native Americans who first discovered Maple Trees. They extracted sap from the trees and used it to make syrup. Many Native Americans also used the Maple Tree for medicinal purposes. Later, the pioneers used maples for making dyes and for wood for their fires. Even today, the Maple Tree is loved all around the world for its brilliant color and show-stopping foliage.

There are over 100 species of Maple Trees to choose from, and the right decision can be really, really tough. With so many different choices, we thought of bringing together some best maple tree choices for you.

What maple tree to grow in your yard?

maple tree yard

Sugar Maple Tree (Acer saccharum)

During Fall, the Sugar Maple tree undividedly steals the show with its brilliant orangish-reddish foliage! With their sheer beauty, you'd definitely want to stop by, stare, and take some Insta-perfect pictures. Among Sugar Maple Trees, some best selections can be the Fall Fiesta Sugar and the Legacy Sugar Maple tree.

Red Maple Tree (Acer rubrum)

The Red Maple tree is the perfect answer to why many consider maples the best trees! These trees observe a pyramidal shape, have an exceptional resistance to drought, and an eye-popping red color. These trees are also well known for their silvery shiny bark, rapid growth, pretty yellow-red foliage, and a silvery bark. Found as far North as Maine and south as Florida – Red Maples are hardy and resilient!

Hybrid Maple (Acer x. Freemani)

This tree already holds a special place as it is a cross between the red and silver maples. The Hybrid Maple tree is called by this name for it combines the best features of both the red and silver maple tree. Hybrid trees are drought-tolerant, faster growing, and strong in structure. They showcase an excellent Fall color and are super city trees.

Some fascinating Hybrid Maple Species include the Autumn Blaze, the Fire fall, and the Autumn Fantasy.

Japanese Maple Tree (a. Palmatum)

That goes without saying that Japanese Maple trees are the favorite choice of maple tree lovers mainly due to their compact size, unique bark, and vibrant leaf color. Out of many species, the Red Dragon Japanese maple is a popular one. These can fit in a more compact area of the yard and show their beauty year-round!

Norway Maple (Acer platonoides)

The Norway Maple tree is the best choice for street plantings. This resolute tree is tolerant to drought and makes a powerful impact on its landscapes.

What needs to be considered before planting a maple tree?

maple tree planting


Most maple trees grow to become quite large, and one must consider their size upon maturity before planting. Allow enough room for their roots and branch systems. All in all, these species may range from 6' to 75' in size.

Soil Selection

Soil plays an important role in the growth and health of maple trees. Although maple trees are hardy and can adapt to various pH levels in soil, they do need a well-drained moist soil for growth.

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